My method: 

  • In a consultation lesson I will find out about your singing experience, your range, what you would like to accomplish from the lessons and hear you sing something of your choice.

  • If you choose to work with me, we can do a combination of two things: work on your singing technique and work on songs together (I recommend a greater focus on technique to begin with). 

  • Our technical work together will include low abdominal breathing and muscular support, exercises to release jaw/tongue/neck tension and forming clear vowel sounds with the tongue. With these things in place you will quickly see an improvement in your breath control, power, range and your ability to execute beautiful phrases just as you imagine them in your head. 

  • Working on repertoire (songs) together can include focus on the language (Italian, French, German and Latin), diction, staying true to the composer's musical details, authentic dramatic delivery and even your presence as a performer. 

  • Disclaimer: I don't play the piano beyond the odd note here and there, so if you want an accomplished accompanist, a different teacher may suit you better.

It doesn't matter whether you sing in a choir, in your shower, or on stage at Covent Garden; finding the right singing teacher for you is a vital part of making the most of your voice. There is a lot of choice in London, so the best way to find the right fit is to have a consultation lesson with several different teachers (get recommendations from friends or research online) and see whose methods, personality, set-up and teaching style suit you. The way we learn best is highly personal and very variable, so don't be afraid to experiment before settling on one teacher to work with. 


My philosophy: 

  • I seek to create an empowering and fun learning environment in the teaching studio, and make every effort to ensure you will feel confident in trying new things and singing with real freedom.

  • I believe it is my responsibility to make sure I explain new concepts and exercises clearly and thoroughly. If for any reason you don't understand what I mean, just say and I will find a better way to describe it. 

  • When it comes to making technical progress though, regular practice is the only way to improve and that's down to you. 

The practicalities:

I teach 1 hour long private lessons at The Music Studios on Marylebone Lane in central London. I am available at various times between Tuesdays and Saturdays depending on my schedule. 


If you would like to chat about anything or book a consultation lesson, then please contact me on