Heart Song Collective was born out of the heart-felt longing for local community connection and Assamiya’s desire to share the magic, beauty and power of fully embodied singing with as many people as possible. Inspired by ParkRun and the Natural Voice movement, Assamiya created what she wanted to be part of, in Brockley, and is thrilled to see so many of you claim your place in the Collective!

Love is Love


Respecting difference: we come from many different walks of life - this is part of the richness of the collective! We understand that we can hold opposing views on something, and still be respectful, friendly and musically co-creative. We understand that an opinion or belief is not a Universal truth. 


Non-violent communication: we speak to one another with courtesy and respect, especially when we disagree. We take responsibility for naming our own boundaries and respect those of others. 


LGBTQIA+ allies: we believe that every human expression is beautiful and valuable, and that active allyship plays an important role in our community. 

Antiracist: we accept that we were raised in a culture of white supremacy in the UK, and we acknowledge that our own unconscious biases will remain until we actively work to change them. We are prepared to educate ourselves and be with discomfort in order to do this. 

Purple Stars


Every body CAN sing


When we stop worrying about what others think, and sing with fire in our bellies or peace in our hearts, the magic of it transcends narrow mind-led judgements of the sound as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. And when a group of humans join their voices together with a shared purpose, the benefits spread far beyond the group and that moment in time. Singing is our gift, our birthright and our medicine, and we’re reclaiming it together. 

Every person CAN grow

Human beings are incredible, adaptable creatures. We learn one set of values and skills when we're young, then we get the chance to adapt and upgrade those things throughout our lives to best suit the person we're evolving into and the changes we wish to see in the world. We have the power to make these changes, and the responsibility lies with us.