Leo in Mozart’s Don Giovanni

April 2012              


Heaven Nightclub, London



"Apart from the Don all the women’s roles are sung by men and vice-versa, none better than Zoe Bonner’s razor-tongued Leo (Leporello), the PA from hell whose rendition of the ‘catalogue aria’ enumerating his many conquests from Clapham Common to the club’s own toilets is glorious".  Johnny Fox, The Londonist


"It made good sense to turn the Don’s irrepressible co-conspirator Leporello into his female PA, articularly as Zoe Bonner sang it." Michael Church, The Independent



"Zoë Bonner’s long-suffering hugely-bequiffed PA Leo is a sheer delight. From the opening song, she grips and subsequently holds on the audience’s empathy and is the perfect touchstone throughout the show". Ian Foster, There Ought to be Clowns





Poppea in Monteverdi’s 

The Coronation of Poppea

April-August 201, OperaUpClose

The King's Head Theatre, London




"Zoë Bonner's Poppea purrs warm and lusty" 

5 stars, Kieron Quirke, The Evening Standard



"Zoë Bonner oozes sexuality as Poppea, pivoting nimbly between

the roles of temptress and brattish adolescent" 

4 stars, Hannah Nepil, The Financial Times


"Zoë Bonner makes a lovely Poppea and she uses

the colours of her voice with impressive insight" 

Warwick Thompson, The Metro


"Bonner's refined artistry is matched by that of Rebecca

Caine as Ottavia, Jessica Walker as Nero and Martin Nelson". 

Michael Church, The Independent



"...the performances are very strong, both vocally and physically,

with great emotional depth from the whole company... Zoë Bonner

as the sly, sensual Poppea and Jessica Walker as the androgynous,

nervy, power-hungry Nero are outstanding". The Londonist





Hyacinthus in Mozart’s Apollo et Hyacinthus

March 2010

The Rose Opera Company

The Rose Theatre, London



“The star was Zoë Bonner's Hyacinthus... she’s a really rich,

controlled soprano who is happily at home on stage and tripped

through the recits with real communication.”  Opera Now, July 2010






Arianna in Handel’s Giustino

March 2009

Trinity College of Music Opera Company

Old Royal Naval College Chapel,

Greenwich, London  



“Zoë Bonner’s Ariadne was another beautiful sound,

lightish, flexible and even-toned." 

Robert Thicknesse, Opera Now, October 2009


“With her sure, honeyed soprano and some emotionally

truthful characterisation, Bonner in particular is a revelation.” 

Mark Valencia, whatsonstage.com, May 2009


“This was an infectiously charming, energetic show, with

some notably poised singing from young soprano Zoë Bonner” 

The Independent on Sunday, 10 May 2009


"...the limpid soprano of Zoë Bonner, the movingly expressive Arianna.”

Margaret Davies, Opera magazine, July 2009