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Hi! I’m Assamiya (pronounced A-sa-mee-a) and I’m the Creatress of Heart Song Collective. I'm a long-term Brockley resident, professional singer and singing teacher, self-development nerd, and companion to a divine feline called Gizmo. I am thrilled to be offering weekly song medicine gatherings and one-to-one coaching in my local community, and can't wait to meet you!

Hopefully, this 'ere website has all the info you need to help you say YES to joining us soon, but if there is anything you want to check out with me directly, then please pop me an email. 


MY background

I've always been a bit of a science/music chimera, with a good dollop of hippy thrown in for good measure. For the last 17 years I’ve had a portfolio career, freelancing as a classical singer, locuming as a diagnostic healthcare scientist, and teaching and coaching choirs (while the hippy part of me has mostly lurked in the wings). Working as a professional musician has been a dream come true, and I've been fortunate to perform in concerts, operas, and recordings in some of the UK and Europe's most iconic venues. Have a look at the gallery for some pics of my exploits!

More recently

Regular opportunities to sing with others are something I've been very privileged to have access to my whole life, although often with an emphasis on the ability to read music skilfully and produce a controlled, pure and beautiful sound. Well, that's just dandy for those of us with a formal music education and a particularly shiny larynx isn't it, but what about everyone else?! Having attended some incredible singing workshops at summer festivals, I discovered the Natural Voice Network's choir leaders, philosophy and a whole new way of singing in groups: embodied, heart-led, inclusive and utterly magical! I was instantly enchanted and wanted to share the love with more folks. Emerging out of the Pandemic, I saw an opportunity to be in loving service to my community in that way, and step more into my own creative power. Heart Song Collective was born. 

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Handel's Giustino
Buddhafield 2022
Concert artist headshot
Coronation of Poppea
Apollo et Hyacinthus
Martha Tilston gig 2021
Don Giovanni
Aldeburgh Music Club
Radio 3 In Tune
Snape Maltings Messiah