about song medicine:

A chance to play

Frankly, all this adulting can get waaaaay too serious and tiring. Am I right? 

Our Song Medicine gathering will give you an opportunity to leave your to-do list at the door, shake loose, connect with your playful inner child and remember what fun feels like! You'll be given simple, professional voice tips to help you express yourself with maximum confidence and minimum anxiety. Pick the voice part that feels most comfotable for you, or try different ones! It's all a delicious experiment.

NO sheet music to read

NO focus on the product, just the experience

NO performances - just the magic we create together in the moment

EVERY voice is welcome

You're the boss of your experience!

As a trauma-informed-space, the emphasis in these gatherings will be encouraging you to FEEL into whether your body is saying YES or NO to any particular exercise/activity. There's no obligation. If Assamiya suggests something, and you don't want to do it, GREAT! Just don't do that thing. Learning to listen to our own internal NO is vital for our wellbeing. 

Join in every single note with gusto, spend the whole evening listening, watch for a bit and drink tea, go to the loo when you need to, take a break to be with any emotions that may arise... it's ALL good and it's all welcome. 

You know what you need.

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